Atmospheric and Earth System Research with the Research Aircraft HALO                                                                                

           High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (HALO)

Research Areas

HALO is a high–performance research aircraft, coupled with a unique set of flight–certified instrumentation, which the German university research community and its partners in the non–university research facilities are eager to use to answer key scientific questions.

The following six research areas are the most important and timely subjects for the research with HALO in the current phase of the SPP 1294:


   Sources, Properties and Processing of Aerosol Particles


   Formation, Evolution and Radiative Effects of Clouds and Precipitation


   Transport and Dynamics in the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere


   Transport and Transformation of Chemical Composition: Multiphase and Photochemical Processing


   Atmospheric Coupling Processes


   Geodesy and Geophysics