HALO Missions for the Time Period of 2016 - 2018


In the following approved HALO-SPP 1294 missions a large number of universities and institutions are involved. The aim of the missions is to reduce uncertainties in the understanding of crucial atmospheric and Earth system processes.

NARVAL 2.0 (B): July - August 2016, Mission completed                                   PIs: B. Stevens, MPI for Meteorologie, Hamburg                                                 F. Ament, Universität Hamburg    

NAWDEX  (C): September - October 2016, Mission completed                                                  PIs: A. Schäfler, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR)                                     G. Craig, LMU München          


EMeRGe-EU  (C, D): May - July 2017, Mission completed                                                                      PIs: J. P. Burrows, Universität Bremen                        

WISE  (B, C): August - October 2017                                                                                              PIs: M. Riese, FZ Jülich                                                                                                 P. Hoor, Universität Mainz                     

ANTHALO- BI (E, F): Dezember 2017                                                                                                         PI: M. Scheinert, Technische Universität Dresden                              

EMeRGe-ASIA   (C, D): February - April 2018                                                                                                 PIs: J. P. Burrows, Universität Bremen       

CoMet  (D): May - June 2018                                                                                        PIs: A. Fix, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR)                               G. Ehret, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR)                                                                                

For detailed information, please see the HALO Calender (DLR).             Beyond 2018 further campaigns are already planned to study cirrus clouds, verify satellite data, evaluate the sulfur budget, and perform research in the Arctic.


Atmospheric and Earth System Research with the Research Aircraft HALO                                                                                

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